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LG41 VacuTouchIt is a control system from the TOUCH series, equipped with a special multi function sensor (LG35 – Timber / Air moisture, Timber / Air / Plates temperature, absolute pressure) for the management of vacuum based kiln dryers. The system automatically manages all the functions of the kiln and it can be adjusted to fit on different kilns, with single and double chambers, with or without drain tank, with or without humidification / dehumidification systems, for discontinuous vacuum or plates heating.

In the systems operating with discontinuous vacuum, the system can be set to automatically switch from continuous to discontinuous vacuum on basis of the measured values. The drying cycles can be defined in order to automatically change the climatic condition with the progress of the drying cycle, but it is still possible to define time-based phases. All the devices of the kiln can be driven in automatic or manual mode, simply by touching the related icon on the synoptic view. In the same way, every regulation parameter can be calculated on basis of the running program as well as it can be changed "on the fly", simply touching the displayed value on the screen.

The system can also be equipped with wireless sensors for the timber temperature and moisture, especially useful with cart loading systems, where the traditional sensor cables could result not handy.



The control system is highly configurable on customer's demand. The basic specifications for the standard version are:

Firmware specifications

  • Adjustable for plates heating or discontinuous vacuum
  • Automatic / manual management of discontinuous vacuum
  • Dehumidification system management
  • Humidification system management
  • Temporized drain tank emptying
  • Management of single or double chamber kilns
  • Ready for wireless timber temperature and moisture sensors
  • Drying programs settable on basis of timber moisture or time
  • Up to 30 phases for each drying program


1 x Air Moisture / EMC
1 x Absolute pressure
1 x Air Temperature
1 (2) x Timber temperature
1 (0) x Plates temperature
4 x Timber moisture


  • External alarm
  • Water level too high
  • 2 x auxiliary inputs


  • Vacuum Pump
  • Air inlet valve
  • Fans (including rotation direction and 0-10V output for speed regulation)
  • Sprayers
  • Heating (open / close relays + 0-10V output for proportional drive)
  • Dehumidification
  • Humidification
  • Drain tank
  • Alarm signal / Heating pump
  • 1 x auxiliary relay output
  • 1 x auxiliary 0-10V output


Ready for connection to remote PC (dVIEW software required).

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