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Of course, we can supply the spare parts for all instruments produced by LogicaH&S, from the single screw to the most upgraded electronic board. As for boards, we can also supply customers with our technical assistance which is able to repair (and not only to replace!) electronic boards: in this way we can guarantee very low assistance costs (often assistance is free!).





Feeler pin for surface readings


Accessory for pin type meters mod. LG43, which consists of a practical high insulation handle and a series of steel-turned electrodes with sharp pins and penetration depth of 0,5mm. It is used for surface readings on veneers and other materials (not wood). This feeler pin can also contain standard electrodes (40 or 60 mm.).

CODE: C000095



Electrode hammer for deep readings

MartelloAccessory for pin type meter mod. LG43, which consists of a painted metal part with a high insulation plastic head. The high weight mobile mass allows electrodes to be easily pushed into / taken from the tested material.

CODE: C001626 - Weight 1,5 kg approx.




Spare hammer head

Testa martelloIn case of damage on the plastic section of the hammer C001626, you are able to replace only the damaged part. The head is necessarily made of high insulation plastic material: for this reason, this part is more fragile than other parts of the hammer. A long-time use can be guaranteed simply by avoiding to tighten electrodes-blocking nuts with too much force and by making driving holes when testing on very hard materials or in the deepest.  CODE: C000584



Connection cable for hammer / Feeler pin

Cavetto collegamento LG43Connection cable, made with high insulation cables and connectors, which can be used to connect the feeler pin or hammer with the instrument LG43 and to guarantee good readings.

CODE: C000102





Insulated electrodes for deep readings

Elettrodi per LG43Stainless steel insulated electrodes with a very sharp pin, which are suitable for good readings in depth with an instrument LG43.
They are available in three different lengths and can be used with electrodes hammer and feeler pin.

Code C001944 - ASSORTED (nr.18 electrodes (nr.6 x leng.25/40/60mm))
Code C001945 - SET 25 (nr.20 electrodes da 25mm)
Code C001946 - SET 40 (nr.20 electrodes da 40mm)
Code C001947 - SET 60 (nr.20 electrodes da 60mm)







Pin type electrodes for surface readings

Elettrodi ad agoStainless steel turned electrodes with a very short (0,5mm) and sharp pin, suitable for readings on thin materials (veneers, paper, leather) or for surface readings. The short and sharp pin allows to make non-intrusive readings on materials, leaving almost imperceptible traces on it.
They are very suitable for the use on a feeler pin buth can also be installed on an electrode hammer.

CODE: C000548



Touch type conductive rubber electrodes

Elettrodi superficieAISI303 stainless steel electrodes with a conductive rubber for non-intrusive surface measurement. They can be fixed on the feeler instead of the normal pins.
CODE: C001432






Test Box for moisture meters calibration

Test boxC001578 Test Box for resistance moisture meters (11,5% 25°C Gr. 3)
C000910 Test Box for resistance moisture meters (18,5% 25°C Gr. 3)
C000911 Test Box for resistance moisture meters (32,5% 25°C Gr. 3)




SPF probe

Sonda SPFIt is an accessory for resistance meters, useful to estimate the moisture content of sawdust or wood shavings. Connected instead of the electrode holders, it must be inserted deeply into the material to be measured, which has to be properly compacted.  CODE: C001909 - AISI304 - length 60cm - Ø12mm


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