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Re: LG25 technical manual
da ansio66
4 Mesi 2 Settimane fa

Suggestion Box (Nessuna discussione)

Have some feedback and input to share?
Don't be shy and drop us a note. We want to hear from you and strive to make our site better and more user friendly for our guests and members a like.

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Nessuna discussione

F.A.Q. (2 discussioni)

List of Frequently Asked Questions

Other questions (2 discussioni)

Other questions

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Re: Products warranty
da ansio66
4 Anni 5 Mesi fa

Timber Kiln Dryers (45 discussioni)


Timber drying (4 discussioni)

Generic questions about the drying process..

Moderatori: ansio66, sionepaolo

In-kiln measurement (3 discussioni)

Ideas, problems, solutions related to the measures inside the kilns

Moderatori: ansio66, sionepaolo

Logica control systems (38 discussioni)

Moderatori: ansio66, sionepaolo
Re: Manuals LG20
da erdin2839
3 Giorni 14 Ore fa

Moisture Measurement Systems (4 discussioni)


Wireless sensors (3 discussioni)

for Kiln Dryers and Environment Surveillance

Moderatori: ansio66, sionepaolo
Re: LG34
da ansio66
6 Mesi 4 Settimane fa

Contact type (LG6NG, Moistest I) (Nessuna discussione)

Contact timber moisture meter

Moderatori: ansio66, sionepaolo
Nessuna discussione

Pin type (LG43, LG38FX) (1 discussioni)

Contact moisture meter

Moderatori: ansio66, sionepaolo

Software (14 discussioni)

Software for kiln dryers remote control and data acquisition / ISPM-15 HT treatment certification

Moderatori: ansio66, sionepaolo
Re: Manual control
da ansio66
4 Mesi 5 Giorni fa

Environment Surveillance (Nessuna discussione)

Software for remote control and management of cultural heritage, timber stocks,wooden art crafts..

Moderatori: ansio66, sionepaolo
Nessuna discussione
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